Open Energy Market provides smart energy services to navigate challenging markets.

Our smart energy services span across procurement, compliance and legislation, net zero opportunities, and demand-side services, allowing us to create a tailored and futureproofed strategy for your business.

Why choose OEM?

Our approach combines the technology of our award-winning Open Platform with our team’s extensive sector knowledge and experience allowing us to identify, evaluate, and implement opportunities resulting in market-leading cost savings and carbon reduction.

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Track the live trading positions of the Open Performance Fund against the market

Electricity Electricity

OEM Price

69.78 £/MWh

Market Average

196.43 £/MWh

Fund Locked 100%

Gas Gas

OEM Price

61.19 p/therm

Market Average

208.3 p/therm

Fund Locked 100%

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New reporting features have launched on the Open Platform!

Our latest platform release introduces the addition of two new energy reports: the 'Mark to Market' Report and the Half-hourly Consumption Report.

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Confused where to start your net zero journey?

The first step is measurement! OEM's net zero journey began with measuring our own emissions, this gave us the visibility to determine which areas to focus on in our sustainability journey.

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Rob Aston

Customer Account Manager

Ruari Cairns

Head of Risk Management

Melinda Torok-Szabo

Customer Support Operations Manager

Victoria Inverso

Senior Trader

Paul Stott

Head of Product

Cristina Ciocan

Associate Consultant

Andy Powell

Customer Account Director

Tom Saunders

Senior BI Analyst

Carlene Goff

Customer Account Director

Chris Gore

Partner Account Director

Lisa Hodson

Engagement Manager

Maria Coleman

Office Manager

Shaun Duplessis

Engagement Manager

Chris Maclean


Thenjiwe Ncube

Assistant Accountant

Valeriya Tolmacheva

Commercial Finance Analyst

Kristy Rawlinson

Customer Account Director

Tom Walden-Jones


Kay Thompson

Engagement Manager

Alexandra Danila

Senior Customer Executive

Otto Terrell

Sustainability Executive

Gail Marais

Engagement Manager

Andrew Paterson

Head of Commercial

Irene Caballero Martin

Full Stack Web Developer

Donna Dean

Engagement Manager

Neil Cressy

Chief Revenue Officer

Justin Worthington

Customer Account Director

Chengai Ruredzo

Financial Controller

Jonathan Anstey

Head of Open Connect

Simon Skillings

Head of Digital Journey

Helen Lind

Junior Business Analyst

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