The Open Performance Fund Continues to Outperform the Market for Winter 22 Despite Volatility

The winter 22 trading season closed recently, and the verdict is out: OEM’s fund has outperformed market averages on both gas and electricity. Our fund members paid 75.8% less than the market average for electricity and 78.5% less than the market average for gas.

The energy markets have been under a lot of pressure this year, with several geopolitical tensions causing turbulence, uncertainty and driving up the cost of gas and electricity. This has made things especially difficult for businesses looking to enter into new energy contracts.

With the current market volatility and rising energy prices our Open Performance Fund has enabled us to save our customers over £34 million in total for electricity and over £4 million in total for gas.

It has been well documented that gas and electricity prices have been rising steadily from October 2021 to June 2022, with the increase accelerating over the summer season with the prolonged heatwave and sharp decrease in Russian gas flows. Winter 22 gas contract spiked at 815.00 pence per therm. (ppt) in late August (expiring at 478.00 ppt), while UK baseload traded to a high of £852.54/MWh (expiring at £601.87/MWh). As prices continue to rise businesses face a lot of uncertainty on how best to approach their next contract.

What is the Open Performance Fund?

The Open Performance Fund is OEM’s flagship fund open to all UK businesses for both gas and electricity. The fund groups its member’s consumption allowing them to benefit from wholesale gas and electricity prices. The fund aims to outperform the rest of the market and secure your energy below the market average price in all market conditions, saving our fund members thousands. Trading is completed prior to the start of each season, ensuring fund customers have a fixed commodity rates for the duration of the season.

Our trading experts are dedicated to securing your energy at the optimum time, according to your budget and requirements. The Open Performance Fund gives you total confidence in protecting you from market volatility, whilst balancing risk and reward.

How can the Open Performance Fund help you?

The Open Performance Fund can navigates volatile energy markets by taking advantage of lower energy prices.

As the energy experts, we are advising businesses to consider a fund approach to their energy buying.

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