Introducing Revolutionary Reporting from the Open Platform

The Open Platform's reporting features have levelled up, further supporting our customers to make informed business decisions from the insights of their energy data.

OEM’s customers have access to automated energy-related reports available at the click of a button:

This report allows customers to
instantly view their average
commodity unit price and total
commodity cost for their monthly
energy requirements, based on the
latest market prices. This enables more
informed purchasing decisions and
benchmarks purchasing performance
against market minimum, average or
maximum prices.

This report gives customers a high-level
view of their half-hourly consumption
and maximum demand, by meter, site
and/or date. This allows customers to
monitor and potentially reduce their
energy consumption to reduce
emissions and save on energy costs.

Through a suite of dynamic and instant reports, OEM’s revolutionary reporting saves financial controllers, energy buyers, and sustainability managers valuable time, presenting all the analysis needed to make informed decisions at the touch of a button.

What is the Open Platform?
The Open Platform is OEM’s IP-owned digital dashboard, created and designed by their energy experts. It was designed to simplify the complex process of energy buying and energy management and bring transparency to businesses energy data. The Open Platform provides our customers with instant access to all of their energy information, from needing to locate contracts, view a live report on performance in comparison to the rest of the market, or view individual meter consumption across a number of sites. We are continually developing the platform and evolving its features, insights, and analysis tools to ensure platform users have all the relevant information they need to make confident and informed budget and commercial decisions.

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