ESOS Phase 3 - Does Your Organisation Qualify?

ESOS is a mandatory energy auditing scheme affecting large undertakings and their corporate groups.

ESOS applies to large UK undertakings and their corporate groups. It affects businesses but can also apply to not-for-profit bodies and any other non-public sector activities that are large enough to meet the qualification criteria.

Do you qualify for ESOS?

  1. Does your company employ 250 or more people (this is the total number of employees or FTE)? or;
  2. Does your organisation have an annual turnover in excess of 50 million euro (£44,845,000), and an annual balance sheet total in excess of 43 million euro (£38,566,700) or;
  3. Are they part of a corporate group, including an overseas common parent, where at least one UK group member meets the ESOS definition of a large undertaking?

If your organisation is very close to the threshold for qualification or has recently grown or reduced in size please contact us to discuss this, as we may need to check your qualification in more detail.

What do I need to do to be ESOS compliant?

  1. Formal quantification of ALL energy consumption from buildings, transport, and industrial processes.
  2. Conduct compliance activities such as:
    1. Detailed energy audits or;
    1.  ISO 500001 across at least 90% of the group energy consumption.
  3. Obtain signatures from a board level director(s) and an appointed ESOS Lead Assessor.
  4. The submission of a final compliance declaration.

Securing your Lead Assessor:

To meet ESOS compliance you need to secure a Lead Assessor to help you reach compliance. ESOS compliance resides with the qualifying organisation and not the Lead Assessor.

So, it is important to note the following key factors when when selecting your Lead Assessor:

  1. The Lead Assessor should have experience in identifying energy saving opportunities relevant to your industry and energy use.
  2. A Lead Assessor should be employed by a reputable company with a proven ESOS compliance experience. This should provide peace of mind that your ESOS compliance will be conducted correctly with relevant and useful energy saving opportunities identified.
  3. A Lead Assessor should be employed by a company with a secure future ensuring that full ESOS audit support is provided. This would be applicable in the event of an external audit from the Environment Agency.

How OEM can help:

OEM has partnered with accredited lead assessors to deliver the ESOS compliance process, with clients typically making savings of up to 30% whilst reaching timely compliance.

These Lead Assessors are accredited under the reputable Energy Institute and the Energy Managers Institute, with vast experience across complex industry sectors such as; plastics, textiles, food and drink, metal, chemical, motor and aerospace, printing and cold storage etc, as well as commercial, retail, education, and transport sector.

If you think you qualify for the scheme and have not taken action to comply, then please give OEM a call to discuss on 01483 492 600.

The DEADLINE for ESOS compliance is 5 December 2023.