Proud Sponsors of the Sustainability Reporting Award

Open Energy Market (OEM) is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the Sustainability Reporting Award at the Planet Mark Awards. Creating a sustainable business is about having a positive impact on the future of our planet, and as proud partners of Planet Mark, we at OEM are united in working together so that we too, can improve and progress to create a sustainable future.

Our relationship with Planet Mark started over 2 years ago when we employed them to assist us with reducing our own carbon emissions, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We’ve managed to achieve the Planet Mark Certification for 2 years in a row because we, at OEM, are committed to a Net Zero future and we want to communicate our transparency and authenticity with our customers and peers. Planet Mark has been instrumental in our journey, measuring, engaging, communicating and helping us to achieve our sustainability goals while connecting us with like-minded individuals. Our team is committed to driving change and has demonstrated significant progress throughout the Planet Mark certification process.

Working within the energy industry, we understand the importance of building and implementing pathways to a Net Zero future, for both the benefit of our business and that of the planet. Sponsoring the Sustainability Reporting Award is a great honour as this subject matter not only aligns with our business, but it also aligns with our vision, and we believe in giving recognition to those who have dedicated themselves to paving the way to a sustainable, carbon neutral future.

The Planet Mark Sustainability Reporting award recognizes the organization that has communicated its sustainability accomplishments in the most open and effective way possible, including use of its brand and alignment to the global framework. We at OEM also understand the role of simple and open communication in sustainability and in the energy industry, and we wish all the nominees the best of luck.