The 5 steps to help you get ready for ESOS Phase 3

Calculate your energy consumption

This is the energy expended by your organization's or group's assets or activities. Buildings, industrial processes, and transportation all consume energy.

Identify your areas of significant energy consumption

Here you will look at the energy consumed by your organization's assets or activities that account for at least 90% of your total energy consumption. Upon completing this step, you must:

  • Determine whether ISO 50001, DECs, or GDAs apply to any of your significant energy consumption areas.
  • Determine whether ESOS-compliant energy audits have been performed or are required for areas of significant energy consumption that are not covered by ISO 50001, DECs, or GDAs.
  • You can use a combination of approaches as long as 95% of your total energy consumption is covered by ISO 50001, some by DECs or GDAs, and some by ESOS energy audits.

Appoint a lead assesor:

You must appoint a lead assessor to carry out, oversee, or review your energy audits and overall ESOS assessment. Lead assessors can either be employees or independent contractors as long as they are on the register of an approved professional body.

Notify the environment agency:

Once you have completed your ESOS assessment and are in compliance with your obligations, you must notify the Environment Agency.

Keep the records:

You need to keep records of how you have complied with ESOS in an evidence pack. There is no set format for this.

The deadline for ESOS Phase 3 is 5 December 2023, avoid any last-minute unnecessary costs by ensuring that your organisation has partnered with a reputable Lead Assessor.

In order to see whether your organisation qualifies for ESOS read here.

How OEM can help:

OEM has partnered with accredited lead assessors to deliver the ESOS compliance process, with clients typically making savings of up to 30% whilst reaching timely compliance.

These Lead Assessors are accredited under the reputable Energy Institute and the Energy Managers Institute, with vast experience across complex industry sectors such as; plastics, textiles, food and drink, metal, chemical, motor and aerospace, printing and cold storage, as well as commercial, retail, education, and the transport sector.

If you think you qualify for the scheme and have not taken action to comply, then please give OEM a call to discuss on 01483 492 600.