Open Procurement

No business’ energy usage and preference are the same, that’s why we offer a tailored procurement service to suit your needs. Our process starts by looking at either a fixed or flexible strategy.

The Open Performance Fund

Consistently outperforming the market, season after season, OEM’s flagship fund allows businesses to benefit from wholesale energy prices and take advantage of market dips. Managed entirely by OEM’s trading experts the fund delivers a fixed unit rate every season, with all purchases made prior to delivery and our performance is benchmarked against an average market price for that season.

The proof is in the performance…

View a history of our previous season’s fund performance on OEM Live

Fixed Procurement

Fixing your energy costs for a set contract period is the simplest route to market and timing is crucial as the market can move by over 100% in a year.

Through the Open Platform, we track the market and work with you to place your energy contracts at the optimum time ensuring you get the best rates. Our competitive reverse tender process allows over 30 suppliers to bid for your contract, you have the option to customise your tender to suit your needs by choosing your contract length, emissions impact, or preferred supplier.

Flexible Procurement

A flexible procurement approach involves tracking the market to ensure energy is purchased at the optimum time to secure the best rates. Through the consultation process we work with you in developing your energy strategy, defining your priorities in relation to your corporate objectives.

The flexible approach involves our traders and consultants overseeing the day to day management of your contracts and our trading team is responsible for your ongoing purchasing decisions, in line with your pre-agreed procurement strategy.

The Open Platform provides you with visibility of all areas of your flexible contract, including viewing the tendering process, setting budgets and managing alerts to capitalise on volatile markets and accessing your automated reports to easily compare consumption data and forecasts.


Track the live trading positions of the Open Performance Fund against the market

Electricity Electricity

OEM Price

127.45 £/MWh

Market Average

186.92 £/MWh

Fund Locked 90%

Gas Gas

OEM Price

144.88 p/therm

Market Average

191.93 p/therm

Fund Locked 90%

Open Energy Market connects its customers to a network of energy specialists beyond procurement, who provide ongoing identification of cost and carbon saving opportunities. This specialist network of experts, known as Open Connect, ensures our customers a future-proofed energy strategy fit for a net zero era.

Legislation & Discount Schemes

Keeping up to date with the latest legislation requirements and energy compensation opportunities can be confusing - typically these are not well publicised and it is difficult to prove eligibility requirements. We are here to help you understand your options and realise the cost and carbon saving potential of the schemes for your business.

Energy Savings
Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

A compulsory energy audit for large businesses. Requires the assessment of energy use in buildings, industrial processes, and transport, identifying cost-effective energy-saving opportunities.

Deadlines for ESOS are every four years. Phase 3 of the scheme involved companies submitting their ESOS report in 2023.

OEM typically identifies savings between 10-30% for their customers.

Streamlined Energy &
Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Requires participants to report accurate energy consumption and carbon emissions data and be audit-ready.

Businesses should implement an energy reduction plan, set targets and monitor performance.

Mandatory for large undertakings with one of the following criteria: 250+ employees, annual turnover of £36m+, an annual balance sheet of £18m+

Energy Intensive Industries
(Ell) Scheme

Renewables Obligation (RO), Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) and Contracts for Difference (CfD) are all green taxes on electricity built into the unit rate, known as ‘pass-through charges’.

The EII scheme provides up to 85% discount on these pass-through charges.

There are around 70 activities across manufacturing processes eligible for this scheme.

CCL Exemption (Min-Met)

A Climate Change Levy (CCL) Exemption was introduced by the government to help businesses that provide any mineral or metal processes, compete with countries with lower energy costs and less green taxation.

Offers a 100% discount on the CCL, for the energy used in certain processes. The discount is applied to monthly energy invoices.

Allows eligible processes to recover CCL charges paid, going back 4 years.
This scheme can deliver an immediate cash boost to a business.

Climate Change
Agreement (CCA)

A CCA is a voluntary agreement between businesses and the Environment Agency.

The agreement outlines energy reduction targets, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and non-renewable energy consumption.

In return participating organisations receive a discount of up to 90% on the Climate Change Levy (CCL). The discount is applied directly to energy bills and is deducted from your CCL charges.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

We work with a network of specialist partners to provide best-in-class energy efficiency initiatives that support your carbon reduction goals and operational excellence.

Carbon Monitoring & Reporting

Our carbon reporting partner provides a complete management solution that offers emission measurement, monitoring and reporting.

The reporting spans multiple areas of your business, providing a transparent view of your emissions data across the whole supply chain including gas, electricity, and fuel use, flight data, resource consumption (paper, toner, electronics), and waste streams.

The solution allows your business to track its sustainability performance against defined targets and drives a return on investment for energy efficiency projects.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

BMS technology is a computer-based control system comprised of hardware installed in buildings combined with a software solution to allow the automated management, control, and monitoring of equipment.

This equipment includes heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

The technology typically achieves a 40% saving of a building’s energy usage. If lighting is included this saving approaches 70%.


Insulating your building is an effective method to reduce your heat loss.

Replacing or installing insulating materials will involve addressing the following areas; roof, cavity wall, lagging water tanks, and pipes, under floorboards, draught-proofing.

Relatively low-cost insulation solutions can deliver a quick return on investment by reducing the cost of heating.

Electric Vehicles & Charging

Through our EV partner, we provide industry-leading EV charging infrastructure coupled with leading-edge software to help customers meet the rapidly evolving dynamics of electric vehicle charging now and into the future.

Products range from domestic and fleet charge points, to fast AC and rapid DC (3.7 - 62.5 kW max power range with our chargers offer smart functionality and inter-connectivity of the hardware with cloud based software, available in flexible packages.

All projects are managed by OEM from site assessment and initial conception, through to delivery, with ongoing service support.

LED Lighting

Technological developments have improved LED light output, efficacy and reliability, and reduced the cost of LEDs making them a mainstream solution for the majority of lighting applications in the UK.

LEDs are suited to building types including (but not limited to) distribution depots, warehouse operations, hangars, manufacturing facilities, retailers, and sports centres.

Making the switch to LED lighting is often considered to have the greatest impact in reducing commercial energy use and costs, with a drastic and immediate effect on energy consumption. Savings against traditional lighting sources can be as high as 70%.

Other services

Automatic Monitoring & Targeting
Battery storage
Behavioural Change
Compressed Air
Heat Recovery
Heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems (HVAC)
Measurement & Verification
Variable Speed Drives
Voltage Optimisation

Onsite Generation Opportunities

The UK is close to generating 30% of its electricity from renewable energy technologies, we work with expert partners to provide the ongoing identification, evaluation, and implementation of on-site generation opportunities to our customers.

Solar PV

As you will not be purchasing the electricity directly from the supplier, you will receive electricity savings from the solar PV system. Average prices from Solar are £0.05kWh, compared to the Grid at £0.14kWh.

By utilising solar PV energy rather than grid-supplied electricity you will offset 0.23kg CO₂ for every kWh you generate from your solar PV system.

Large organisations are vetting their supply chain to ensure they practice energy efficiency measures. Businesses generating their own energy through solar PV have a sustainability advantage.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

CHP is the simultaneous generation of heat and power in a single process, providing one of the most cost-effective approaches for carbon savings.

CHP units use natural gas to power an engine that is designed to generate electricity through an alternator. The waste heat is recovered and converted into usable heat around your business’ site, improving savings further.

CHP units produce up to 50% energy savings and a 2-3 year payback.

The Open Platform

Your energy buying, management and strategy, simplified.

The Open Platform sets us apart from other energy consultancies, our award-winning platform is leading the digital transformation of the energy industry.

It was created by our energy buying experts and is designed to simplify what can be a complex process of energy management bringing transparency to your energy data. It’s easy to use yet packed with features to deliver the key information you need to make the right business decisions. Quickly.

It provides you instant access to all of your energy information, whether you need to locate contracts or view multiple site data or individual meter consumption. Through automated reporting, forecasting, and analysis, the platform provides everything you need to make informed budget and commercial decisions.

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