Working for OEM

Open Energy Market is an innovative and fast-growing company, building energy technology that is redefining the commercial energy buying space.

We were built to replace the staid broker model and bring energy management into the 21stcentury through automation, transparency, and applied industry expertise.

A collaborative and open approach grows from the heart of our business, from our development department to our commercial and trading arms, every team member is invested in growing the company to meet the future. That may be bringing innovative new products to market, recognising gaps in data provision that can benefit the whole industry, or enhancing the UX of our ground-breaking proprietary tech. We all feed off each other’s ideas and work as a team to achieve OEM’s goals. We’re proud of our work, but never so proud we stand still. When you join OEM, you can expect your opinion to be heard, your skills used, and your experience grown.

Current Vacancies

Full Stack C# Developer

Engagement Manager

Meet the Experts

Victoria Inverso

Senior Trader

Jonathan Anstey

Head of Open Connect

Ruari Cairns

Head of Risk Management

Helen Lind

Junior Business Analyst

Chengai Ruredzo

Financial Controller

Cristina Ciocan

Associate Consultant

Valeriya Tolmacheva

Commercial Finance Analyst

Rob Aston

Customer Account Manager

Tom Walden-Jones


Simon Hudson


Neil Cressy

Chief Revenue Officer

Alexandra Danila

Senior Customer Executive

Thenjiwe Ncube

Assistant Accountant

Andy Powell

Customer Account Director

Irene Caballero Martin

Full Stack Web Developer

Justin Worthington

Customer Account Director

Chris Maclean


Simon Skillings

Head of Digital Journey

Andrew Paterson

Head of Commercial

Lisa Hodson

Engagement Manager

Melinda Torok-Szabo

Customer Support Operations Manager

Paul Stott

Head of Digital Service Delivery

Tom Saunders

Senior BI Analyst

Maria Coleman

Office Manager

Kristy Rawlinson

Customer Account Director

Carlene Goff

Customer Account Director

Chris Gore

Partner Account Director

Otto Terrell

Sustainability Executive

Donna Dean

Engagement Manager