Sometimes it’s easy being green. Now you can Green your company’s energy supply with Open. Today’s the day.

Green your energy with Open Energy MarketNo matter where you’re going today, you’re going to see a lot more green than usual. As St Patrick’s Day celebrations roll around the globe, it’s the perfect day to think what could be that little bit more green…

How about your company’s environmental agenda? If you’re looking to kick off your green strategy or boost a responsibility agenda that’s flagged a bit, we have just the answer.

We’ve just launched our new hassle-free way to green your energy supply. Whether you’re supplied by gas or electricity, we’ll find the right way for your business to cut down its carbon footprint.

Whether you procure energy through our unique live auction site or not, but we offer the chance to offset energy buying to new and existing customers. So no matter your supplier, let’s see how we can help you.

You can read all about the ways we can help on our Green your Energy page – the short- and long-term benefits really can’t be ignored…

1. Reduce your carbon footprint

Greening your energy supply is a great way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. If you choose to offset your energy buying with us, you can use the environmental guarantee to showcase that you’re taking steps to limit your impact.

2. Strengthen your green credentials

Environmental policies are playing an increasing part in business contracts. Have you been caught by new requirements?  You can attract new business and comply with any green requirements set by the companies you work with while putting your green credentials at the centre of your company strategy.

3. Choose a practical solution

Our environmental offsets directly contribute to third-party green projects. It’s a more cost effective strategy than investing in first-party measures, and crucially it’s a lot faster.

4. More for your investors

It’s not just the businesses and customers you supply. Increasing numbers of investors, shareholders and other stakeholders are requesting environmental disclosures in annual reports. Steal a march by putting your green agenda at the front of your strategy.

5. More for your employees

An increasing number of potential employees put a company’s green credentials high on their want list. They want their employer to be transparent about their technology, their energy use and to demonstrate their environmental responsibility.

6. More for regulatory compliance

Many public bodies are required to report their GHG emissions, as are quoted companies under the UK Companies Act 2006. 232 companies of the FTSE 350 now voluntarily disclose their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the UK’s Carbon Disclosure Project. Why not join the front of the queue?

Find out more and get in touch to start greening your energy with us today!

Open up your Green potential

Whether you’re celebrating or not, whether you’re wearing green or not, have a great St Patrick’s Day!

Green your energy with Open Energy Market


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