“April is the cruellest month”?  It doesn’t have to be for your commercial water bills. The water buying market has changed this weekend and here’s how you can benefit.

You may have heard – the floodgates are open. But what exactly is water regulation and how can your business benefit from it?

OWM Water Market OpenWhat is water deregulation?

Put simply, it’s choice. As of this April, over 1 million businesses in England are no longer tied to their regional water supplier and are free to switch to a new supplier around the country that could better suit them. It’s the largest shake-up of the industry for almost three decades, and follows the same change in Scotland, the first country in the world to deregulate non-domestic water supply nine years ago.

With this month’s changes, it’s been estimated that up to £200 million of savings will open up to businesses, organisations and charities in England.

Does water deregulation only apply to England?

Yes, this month’s sees the market open up in England only. Scotland deregulated non-domestic water supply in 2009 and currently, there aren’t any plans for deregulation in other parts of the UK. That said, Welsh businesses that use over 50 million cubic litres per year are eligible to choose their water supplier if that supplier is mainly based in Wales.

What does it mean for you?

With the freedom to choose suppliers, comes increased choice, competition and lower costs. But it doesn’t have to stop there. With the full involvement from buyers and suppliers, the market can kick start-effective management strategies, helping companies to report and plan their water use, for the benefit of themselves and broader environment.

Water deregulation means you can reduce your admin, save time and spend less money when you dip your toe in the market and switch supplier.

Clear benefits

So why not take the opportunity to:

  • Combine all your company sites across the country under one supplier.
  • Gain a better understanding of supply and sewerage rates in a more transparent market.
  • Target a lower supply price with competition for your contract open to suppliers beyond your region.
  • Choose the mechanism for selecting a water supplier that suits your business – you don’t have to use your existing contractor or a broker, you can maximise your benefits with a live auction.
  • Ensure you avoid estimated charges with Automated Meter Readings (AMRs).
  • Gain a greater insight into bills with historic and current bill validation
  • Take the time and money saved and add it to increased insight when planning your water strategy for years to come.

As of this April, we’re also Open Water Market – and we’re ready to help you navigate the changes to savings and peace of mind.

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