Deregulation doesn’t just mean benefits for the length of one contract – we’ve developed Open Water Market to make sure your company keeps the benefits flowing for years…

Think Outside water deregulation

Non-domestic water supply has been deregulated in England, and there are plenty of benefits waiting for your company in the biggest open water market on the planet.

If you’re looking to unlock those from the outset and ensure you continue to make the most of deregulation for years to come, we’ve got the solution.

Open Water Market’s the utility upgrade that takes all the innovation from the platform that’s changed the way companies buy energy and puts it in the hands of utility buyers. Open Energy Market is the ground-breaking platform that customers trust to save them time and money on their contracts as they tender, report, manage and renew all in one place.

Now, those same tools are open for water procurement. If you’re a commercial utility buyer you need to know about us. And to get started on the platform there’s no cost or contract. You can sign up now to see how we make the most of water deregulation and realise these five key benefits:

Save Money on your Water Contract Now

  1. Save money and time

Time is money, money is time. Open Water Market opens up both. It’s an automated platform that makes it easy to add your specific company footprint, from sites to meters and put that information in front of suppliers so they can bid for your contract when the time comes. And once your information’s up there, it’s there for as long as you want. After you’ve chosen your supplier you can report, add and remove elements of your business at the click of a button. Let the competition work for you and see the result sin real-time.

  1. Everything in one place

You won’t just stand to save money from a live auction, but also time managing the results. With Open Water Market you’re one secure sign-up and login away from reporting and managing your water, gas and power use across multiple sites in one place. Now deregulation has opened up contracts to suppliers from multiple regions you’ll be best served by a platform that reports on all your sites and meters and contracts together.

  1. The future is automated

The future of water supply is automated, from the data to the tenders to the management of your contracts. No matter the size of your operation, we can scale it to our platform. Not only can we validate your historic and ongoing bills, but also monitor your rates from meter feeds directly in our platform. The start of increased automation means the end of estimation.

  1. Not just for one contract

When managing your water and energy contracts on our platform, you can repeat the tender process when your contract comes around knowing that your information is ready to go. Even if you change suppliers, you’ll still be able to access the same reports and manage your data in the same way. Open Water Market is for more than just a contract.

  1. Plan your strategy

Behind the automated benefits of Open Water Market lies industry experience that’s shaped a system designed to help your company strategise. We’ve lined up a suite of tools and features that will automate the process and give you more time to work with real-time reports. Plan for the future, respond to spikes in use and target specific savings.

The water market is open, so come join the OPEN PLATFORM.

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