Greening is Open. Kick-starting your company’s green agenda is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Open Energy Market

Green your energy with Open Energy Market

“Greening your energy not only benefits the environment. It’s something you can shout about in your recruitment, CSR, marketing and sales strategy.”

Open Energy Market was developed to bring transparency and simplicity to energy buying.

And now we’ve added ways to green your business energy consumption to that clean approach – kicking off or kick-starting your environmental agenda with immediate results.

We’ll help you benefit the environment and your organisation.  This spring, we’ve introduced options to re-shade your brown energy use. Matched to the benefits of our automated platform, we can offset your energy use and unlock immediate benefits whether you’ve selected or are about to select your supplier through our innovative live auction or have an existing energy contract.

We’ve also pulled in the might of our performance trading desk to help. They’re open to advise companies and organisations on the best way to offset their energy spend and make sure they have scalable agenda in place.

1. Understand the best approach

There are a number of ways your company can tackle its carbon footprint. We’ll help you find the best approach, depending on your usage and mix of energy supply:

  • CER – Certified Emission Reduction is a carbon credit programme from the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol that offsets your gas supply.
  • GGC – Green Gas Certification is a UK run scheme that labels electronically each kWh of green gas with a unique identifier known as a Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO).
  • For electricity buyers, the REGO scheme (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin), is a certificate issued by Ofgem proving that a share of provided energy comes from renewable sources.

Environmental offsets can offer a faster and more cost-effective solution than investing in first-party environmental projects. Not that it rules them out, environmental offsets complement your other green activities.

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2. Understand the benefits

There’s a bunch of benefits, for your business and the environment:

Increasing numbers of investors, shareholders and other stakeholders ask for environmental disclosures in annual reports and statements. And those stakeholders include your employees – prospective millennial employees are increasingly attracted to companies that are transparent about their technology and demonstrate consideration for the environment.

And then there are your customers. Many public bodies and organisations are now required to report their GHG emissions, so you can steal a march on future changes but also make sure you comply with environmental requirements on contracts.

There’s no need to wait for the reasons to stack up: greening your energy use is something you can shout about in your recruitment, CSR, marketing and sales strategies.

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3. Talk to us

Green your energy with Open Energy Market benefitsSo, you’ve seen the options and the benefits, but how does that relate to you? That’s a real benefit of greening through Open Energy Market: We’ll help fill in the gaps, highlight the best strategy, and help you make the most of incorporating your energy buying and use in your green agenda.

We’ll help your leverage your commitment inside and outside your business as well. When you use us to offset your energy use, we’ll provide guarantees of origin and certification to promote your commitment physically and digitally. With us, you’ll have confidence to put your green credentials at the centre of your company strategy, from your office walls, to press releases to email signatures.

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Find out more about our green offers on our website. Fill out the form or pick up the phone to get in touch for a non-commitment chat through the options.


Green your Energy

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