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Our Performance Trading Desk pieces everything together for every kind of commercial energy buyer.

1. A flexible energy buyer?

We provide flexible energy buyers unprecedented insight into their data from one secure dashboard, empowering the process of spreading your buying throughout the year. Behind that interface is the industry expertise to help you build long-term energy strategy.

2. A fixed contract buyer?

If you purchase energy on a fixed basis, our experts are there to advise on market timing and contract duration. We’ll help you assess your buying model and find the right course for you.

3. Looking to join with a high-performance fund?

Look no further than our Central Performance Fund. It’s the fund that’s outperformed the market for two years, with trading results that are independently verified. We’re the only energy consultancy in the UK to do that: Take a look at our results.

4. Need traders you can trust?

Have confidence in the traders that out-perform the market – you can mandate your energy portfolio buying to us, benefiting from a fully managed service that’s tailored to your requirements.

Maximising performance

Open Energy Market offers unique automation backed by industry expertise to change the way companies buy energy. Our secure online system was designed to give every energy buyers greater insight into their energy portfolio, quicker than traditional brokers – it’s free to sign up, why not try it out?

On top of unique data displays and pricing tools that give you unprecedented insight into the true cost of your energy contracts, our Performance Trading Desk is available to help you, no matter your energy buying model.

Why not take a closer look at our proven performance?

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Four types of energy buyer who benefit from our Performance Trading Desk

We’re telling the story behind our Central performance Fund on this blog and in our Open Updates (which you can subscribe to right here)


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