Corporate Climate Change Score and How to Improve it

Corporate climate change score and how to improve it. Forward thinking corporations are taking a serious interest in climate action. Businesses even here in the United States are forging ahead to implement strategies to lower climate change risks not only for the protection of our environment but also to strengthen the global economy along with building up their business resiliency.

Companies are taking action and paying closer attention to details like CDP climate change reports. Is your business among the corporations seeking to make change? The current 2017 CDP climate change reporting season is coming to a close, so what can you do to strengthen your company’s score in 2018? We have come up with a few tips to help boost your 2018 CDP climate change response.

Do you have a renewable energy consumption/production target or an emissions reduction plan?

According to a recent World Wildlife Fund, an astounding 63 percent of Fortune 100 companies have a clean energy target, while about 48% of Fortune 500 companies have at least one clean energy or climate goal. Has your organization set any targets? Sustainable goals like renewable energy procurement, efficiency improvements and CHG emissions reductions are all viable options for companies.

Does your business strategy include climate action?

More companies, including Global 500 organizations, are incorporating climate action in their corporate agendas. Over 500 companies called on the White House this year to move forward with their participation in the Paris Agreement in order to lower the carbon economy. These companies are responding to inaction regarding climate change by making huge strides in the direction of a greener world. With green power procurement, energy efficiency upgrades and other motions of sustainability, these companies are working together to make a difference in climate change. Is your organization making any steps in this direction?

Are there any climate change opportunities or risks that may be affecting your business?

Climate action brings opportunity to businesses. Federal subsidies are available in the US that are working to make renewable climate change solutions something financially attractive in our current environment. Companies can also make steps to implement sustainability strategies that offer businesses opportunities to work toward improving air quality, reducing water consumption, stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

On the other hand, inaction can pose risks to your company like an energy short position or environmental health risks.

Has your organization released any public responses to GHG emissions performance and climate change?

Businesses should be working to make use of contractual instruments like Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to publish information about your sustainability and emissions reductions efforts. In fact, many organizations are beginning to expect the brands they work along with to operate sustainably. By failing to make use of these resources, your organization may be missing out on benefits.

The corporate climate change score is becoming more and more important so make you use several sources to validate your company’s claims of sustainability. Look into Scope 2 reporting, generation data and ownership along with quality assurance guidance resources or call us if you need help. 0203 772 7720.

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