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> Market Snapshot: 28 January 2019

Open Energy Market Snapshot

Currency: Sterling vs Euro

MS Sterling 20190128


  • More US-China trade talks are planned for Wednesday and Thursday of this week
  • The US Federal government shutdown has ended for the moment
  • There is the potential for the UK government to introduce martial law in the event of a no-deal Brexit
  • France has warned there will be no renegotiation of the Brexit deal
  • Several money managers believe the pound’s recent gains on Brexit optimism is overdone

Brent Crude Evolution

MS Brent 20190128


  • Ongoing economic concerns and a climbing US rig count have weighed on oil prices at the start of the week
  • The white house hasn’t ruled out attacking Venezuela militarily as the current regime resists calls for fresh elections. Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves
  • An extended Arctic blast is about to hit the US Midwest and Northeast. The weather has the potential to increase the demand for heating oil

UK Gas (Summer’19) – [indicative of the Power Market]

MS Summer Gas 20190128

Gas & Power

  • The two-week temperature forecast continues to show below seasonal normal conditions across Western Europe and the UK for the duration of the period
  • European gas storage levels are now 7.5% above last year’s levels at this time, versus 10% above last week
  • There are 3 LNG tankers expected into the UK in the next week, but there is no visibility on cargos beyond that point
  • Power prices are closely following gas prices

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