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Our vision


Open Energy Market was established in 2013 to give a business a way to see the real cost of energy before they signed the contract. While it seems logical, no one had done it before. 

Innovative, simple and transparent energy procurement platform

Energy buying doesn’t need to be complicated. Our automated system has changed that.

No matter how large your energy spend, our system will track the market, find the best price and let you know. If you want help, we have some genuine experts on hand to assist. They can’t see the future, but armed with our software and their knowledge, they can maximise the chances of you saving money.

Fixed contract? Flexible contract? Multi-site, single site? Sign up now and have a look around. It’s easy to use.

If you need help, call us, we try and pick up the phone in under 3 rings and we’re a bit obsessed with customer service. Thanks for reading and we look forward to showing you why so many companies trust us.


We’ll email you back immediately with an answer to any question you have. Even if it’s nothing to do with energy or software. Try us.